We think beyond conventions to solve the wicked challenges faced by our clients and the communities they serve.
Our expertise brings an unparalleled continuum of service aimed at helping organizations in healthcare, education and workplace settings define their ideal futures and plan processes, organizational strategies, and facilities that make those futures a reality. As an industry-leading, true consulting partner, we seek projects marked by innovation and new ideas, and we work with clients who share a commitment to achieving exceptional outcomes and transformational impact. Our team’s analytical and workflow improvement tools, immersive user engagement activities, and big room innovation inspire creativity and collaboration that enhance any project. Regardless of what challenge we’re working to solve, we bring innovative approaches and perspectives driven by deep research and empathy—helping organizations achieve strategic and creative transformation, operations-focused space and functional programming, operational improvements, change management, workplace strategy, equipment planning, and highly immersive transition, move, and activation planning

Change Management

Our change management approach guides stakeholder communities through the process of change by empathizing with users and preparing them to adopt new behaviors and ways of working. Our approach focuses on articulating the future vision and shaping user experience using proprietary methods and interactive tools. We focus on creating sustainable change with a data-driven program that informs and measures metrics of success.

Equipment Planning & Procurement

Our medical and laboratory equipment planning practice specializes in managing the entire process of successful planning, coordination, procurement, and installation of equipment technologies. Whether our expertise is needed for a small renovation or a new healthcare or lab facility, our methods are the same — we take the time to deeply understand the needs, manage the equipment budget, coordinate requirements for each item, and ensure all equipment is placed correctly and works as required when needed.

Experiential Design

Our unique approach to experiential design is the foundation for effective design and the hallmark of our integrated practice. Entrenched in design thinking and user experience, our process aims to empathize with the needs of people, tap into their emotions, and develop insightful design solutions that are immersive in nature. Every project we undertake focuses on leveraging design to improve human interactions, process flows, technologies and the physical environment to enhance and support brand loyalty, differentiate an organization, and ultimately, stimulate increased business growth.

Strategic Facilities Planning/Master Planning

To complete a successful facilities project, you need a plan that’s in sync with your operational objectives. Our team members address the process in several ways. Typically, we begin by creating a detailed assessment of your current system, campus or facilities to understand the configuration and determine its longevity. Next, we work with you to determine your ideal future state, to identify the changes, enhancements, and additions you’d like to make to your existing facilities. Finally, we develop an action plan to help you get to your ideal future state, outlining cost considerations, long-term planning scenarios, potential disruptions, and other implications to your current operations. Armed with a master plan, you’ll have a clear strategy to guide you in the steps necessary to successfully complete your project.

Operational Planning & Design

Driven by lean methodologies, our planners help organizations maximize operational efficiency and reduce waste. We do this by creating a detailed current state analysis that identifies key issues and areas for improvement. We then work with clients to prioritize future state goals and develop solutions to get there. Rather than making assumptions based on gut feelings or intuition, we harness simulation modeling, virtual and augmented reality, and mock-up experiences to test and explore operational improvements — painting a vivid picture of how efficient design concepts will function in the future state

Predictive Analytics

Good data is useless if you can’t see what it means to your organization. We combine great data analysis skills with an innovative approach to visualization, bringing together data and results in meaningful ways. Whether your goal is to gain insights into one area of your organization — such as financial, market analysis, operational, outcomes or quality — or to get a clearer vision of the big picture, we can present data in a format that shows you everything you need to know. More than just translating data, we employ a number of scenario planning tools to eliminate surprises, examine problems that could arise, and ultimately help clients make informed decisions. Anyone can compile data, but we look at it differently so you can, too.

Space Planning and Functional Programming

To make the best use of space, you need a good plan. Our space and functional program deliverables include a narrative report that explains how your strategic planning and operational planning activities will support future facility planning endeavors. We engage user groups in future state visioning, market assessment, demographic analysis, service delivery modeling, current and future state operational planning, and space programming. From there, we create an operational narrative that explains your future state of operations and the spaces required to perform them, giving you an efficient, effective room-by-room space program that outlines exactly what you need and how it ties to your strategic objectives.

Strategic Planning

From a system-wide view to a departmental level, we can help your organization develop a strategy to implement or address any change in your operations. Whether it’s a new program you want to offer or a response to legislation that impacts your organization, our team will make sure you’re taking every potential risk and opportunity into consideration. We conduct a gap analysis, review current market data and demographics, conduct interviews, and provide a strategic planning report with recommendations and a high-level roadmap for addressing gaps. The result is a template for successfully navigating change.

Transition Planning

Transitioning to a new facility or expanding space is one of the most important undertakings an organization faces. Our project teams work with multi-disciplinary user groups to ensure the move is a “non-event” and smooth transition. In addition to providing documented readiness assessment, operational planning for the future state, and scenario training for staff, we provide traditional transition planning services, including move management, move sequence, move training, and patient move planning. Through a series of project management, scheduling, and training activities, our project teams work with you and all necessary vendors to successfully coordinate logistics, goals, and target measures for Go-Live.


Every project begins with an understanding of the historic, cultural and social life of cities and people are always at the heart of our projects. A commitment to civic engagement allows us to integrate the users’ aspirations into the design brief. Learning lessons from vernacular architecture and materiality ensures that our designs are rooted in a sense of place.

Workplace Strategy

Built on more than a decade’s worth of workplace research, innovation and implementation, our workplace strategies team focuses on achieving business results. Using extensive data analytics and stakeholder engagement, we quantify needs and develop scenarios that optimize new and existing workplaces, build a case for change, and motivate stakeholders to participate in that change. We’re experts in the complexities of new ways of working and know how to make innovative workplaces successful by addressing space, policies, training, and technology.


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