We harness our understanding of modern building science to engineer the systems that power life.
The 21st century has seen remarkable advances across all facets of building engineering. By fusing innovative technologies with tried-and-true best practices, the buildings we design today are more sustainable, resilient, flexible and efficient than ever before. As a fully integrated design practice, we create innovative engineering systems that help organizations achieve bold business and performance goals. Whether addressing safety, modernization, speed to market, occupant comfort, operational performance or future growth, our engineers design solutions that help clients achieve the bold outcomes they seek.


We are uniquely qualified to provide clients with the Commissioning / Project Management services required for high-performance building across market sectors. From planning and design through construction and occupancy, we provide technical and project management expertise to verify operational expectations and performance goals are achieved. We also work closely with our clients’ facilities operations staff to provide tailored support and training to ensure the transition and first year of occupancy is smooth.


Our electrical engineers have experience bringing power to technically complex buildings across all industries. Everything we design, whether power generation distribution systems or integrated lighting solutions, are driven by a process fueled by advanced analysis, coordination and research into energy reduction measures. Our team’s ability to blend time-tested best practices with future-forward thinking ensures the systems we design adhere to cost parameters, meet and exceed energy codes and prepare our clients for the future.

Facility Optimization Services

Our experienced team of facilities professionals are skilled at gathering empirical system and component-level data about facilities and translating their findings into reports that identify needs, prioritize investments, and provide clear recommendations. In addition to assessing current infrastructure and engineering systems, our sustainability specialists perform facility energy audits to identify reduction opportunities and create a framework for strategic planning of related capital improvements.

High-Performance Building Analysis

The building scientists and data analysts in our building performance analytics studio have a deep passion for understanding the ways buildings are designed and operated. Collaborating with our in-house architects and engineers, we harness advanced analysis and research to identify ways to reduce the energy footprint of buildings, thus reducing environmental impact and operational costs for our clients. Key services include energy modeling, energy and carbon master planning and passive thermal survivability. We believe electrification and net-zero energy design is the way of future, and we provide clients with options to become energy efficient and independent.

Lighting Design

Our designers understand the power of light and have made the study and application of light their life’s work. We offer a full suite of lighting capabilities tailored to suit each project’s needs: comprehensive interior and exterior lighting design and documentation, daylighting design, lighting energy analysis, light predictive renderings, comprehensive control strategies, LEED certification services, and more.


Our mechanical engineers are experienced designing high-performance heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for buildings of all types, from hospitals and complex research centers to community buildings, sports facilities and corporate workplaces. Beyond designing HVAC systems, we design central utility plants, and continually look for opportunities to integrate and automate our client’s building controls systems to deliver more ROI.


Our engineers are skilled at designing the plumbing and piping systems that are essential for all building types. In addition to designing water and sanitary systems, we design complex systems for pressurized gasses and vacuums, as well as the systems required for fire protection safety. Fully committed to helping clients reduce water consumption, we harness innovative methods to minimize domestic water use and reduce costs.


Whether designing for tall buildings or structures on highly constrained and challenging sites, our structural engineers balance technical requirements with creativity to deliver elegant and economic solutions. Often dubbed the “bones” of a building, our designs benefit from our deep knowledge of material sciences, our use of advanced building technologies and our artistic sensibilities as a design firm. Our understanding of seismic requirements and resilient-design strategies ensure our building are stable and durable in the face of changing conditions

Technology Solutions

Our technology engineers provide system design and contractor oversight for audiovisual, IT and physical security systems. Our expertise includes in- depth knowledge of current and emerging technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), unified communications, audio-visual collaboration and presentation, security access control and video surveillance, and both wired and wireless communication systems. Regardless of the system we’re designing, our goal is to deliver a solution that automates as much as possible to deliver a digital experience that saves our clients time and money and improves their workflows.


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